Shift customer headaches into


Retention360 is a one-on-one customer feedback platform
that makes creating positive customer experiences easy.

We Focus On Retention

The real time feedback you get from your customer’s negative
experiences help you change their experience before they leave a
negative review online. Keeping customers coming back and allowing
your business to grow!

Bridging The Communication Gap
in Real Time

Your customer success team can immediately contact team members across
multiple locations to solve issues in real-time – or they can reach out to
customers directly via email, SMS, or a phone call.
We give you the tools to address customer
pain points in real time.
Which allows you to change their experience
and provide immediate solutions.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify and prioritize negative customer feedback with AI driven sentiment analysis. Use keyword recognition to analyze customer emotion and give your team the tools to address your most detrimental customer experiences.

Change your Customers Experience In Real Time

Before an unhappy customer leaves your store, you can provide relevant offers to turn a negative customer
experience into a positive one. Drive sales through
personalized brand interactions.

Automate Customer Responses

Small teams need automated customer responses to address customer concerns in real time. Use our keyword tools to identify crucial customer experiences and generate responses accordingly.

Take Action On Customer Insights

A successful business learns from its customers. As you gain insights from customer feedback, discover where you can improve operations and train employees to respond the same.

Minimize Negative Social Reviews

We help your team build customer support systems that can turn a negative customer experience into a positive one before the customer runs to google or social media to leave a bad

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Retention360 goes beyond the standard customer satisfaction survey. Our platform offers fact-based, customer-driven data that helps you identify specific customer experiences for a personalized solution.