Using Incident Based Feedback To Grow Your Business

Today, consumers are more connected than ever before. They’re constantly sharing their experiences with businesses online for the world to see, and for many companies, feedback represents one of their most significant untapped opportunities for growth.

Herein lies a massive opportunity for most business owners, as it allows them to see what people think about their product or service. A recent study put this into perspective when it revealed that 58% of consumers would switch to a different business or service provider if they experienced poor customer service.

So how do you ensure that you’re providing the best customer experience? One of the best methods of assessment used today to iteratively improve business outcomes is called incident-based feedback. This approach helps companies establish a clearer picture of how or where they should focus their efforts and provide a customer’s insight on the company. 

What Is Incident-Based Feedback?

As the name suggests, incident-based feedback is to gather a customer’s criticism or experience as they interact with your business. Doing so allows you to understand your company’s shortcomings and respond promptly, keeping your clients satisfied.

You can use this information to improve the customer experience throughout their journey with your business. Incident-based feedback is vital for any business as it’s the most authentic opinion that a client will have of a company. 

Why Is Incident-Based Feedback Important?

When a client immediately expresses their problems with one of your products or services, you have the opportunity to make things right for them. Offering them an alternative will show them you value them, making them less likely to move to a competitor. Addressing a problem right away also saves you the trouble of dealing with a bad review online. 

Even if the customer does leave a review stating a problem with their experience, reaching out to them promptly may coerce them into changing their mind.

How to Improve Your Product Using Incident-Based Feedback?

It’s essential that your business monitors and tracks incident-based feedback. The more it does, the more information you’ll have to create a better customer experience. Here are some of the ways you can improve your product or service with incident-based feedback:

Listen Everywhere: Customers often leave reviews on social media platforms, talking about the experience they had with your business. As a business owner, you must take advantage of this and keep an eye out for what they say. Whether it’s a short review on Google or a detailed post on a forum, every bit of feedback comes into play while building a better product or service.

Aggregate Your Data: Tracking what clients say about your business online can create a heap of information to process. Feedback management platforms like Retention360 will allow you to automate collection and aggregation into one place, empowering decision-makers with all the information they need to improve a product.

Monitor and Respond: One of the best ways to capture incident-based feedback is using customer support ticketing systems like Retention360. Retention360 allows your company to track and monitor all incoming incidents, giving you a clear picture of what issues are reported.

Your business should also allow customers to report their problems or concerns with ease. With Retention360’s in-app support chat feature, you can quickly resolve these issues and provide the perfect user experience for your customers.

Closing The Loop: Talking to your customers who have experienced a specific incident can help you uncover even more insight into how to resolve the issue. Whether it is improving order fulfillment time, enhancing product instructions, or pricing your product/service more competitively, you must start a conversation with your clients. 

Why Should Your Business Focus On Incident-Based Feedback?

Incident-based feedback is so powerful because it allows you to address a customer’s issue immediately. The feedback that they provide also lets you improve your product and service, so potential customers have a satisfying experience from the very beginning.

You can simplify the process of implementing incident-based feedback into your business by using a tool like Retention360. It lets you gather feedback, consolidate it, and address it with ease. If you want to provide the best customer experience, check out what it has to offer.