The Customer Retention Advantages Of Using Retention360

When consumer habits go digital, your customer retention strategy needs to follow suit. Retention360 is the solution.

We all know the pain of poor customer service. You feel like you’re unimportant, that your concerns aren’t being heard, and that you’re meant to hand over money and leave. Nobody wants to feel that way, and no reasonable business owner wants to make their customers feel that way. So, if there’s a decline in customer happiness, you want to do something about that. But where do you start?

Customer Retention Hurdles

First, let’s look at some ways that customer retention efforts go wrong.

General Surveys Give Vague Answers

The standard customer experience surveys at the end of receipts are too common for retailers. But not all concerns can be ranked on a 1-5 scale, or most to least satisfied. And comment fields at the end are often too short for customers to give any meaningful information. Vague questions beget vague responses.

What’s more, the communication that stems from a generic survey is often one-sided. Customers can voice their concerns, but your options for reaching out to respond are limited. Your customers deserve more than to have their complaints confined to your email inbox.

Not Enough Tech Overwhelms Staff And Customers

Have you ever felt like running a business gets in the way of running a business? If your business is growing and your staff comes running to you every time there’s a customer concern, you won’t have time to handle other business matters. This leads to a vicious cycle of unhappy customers and poor management.

Without a means to streamline the customer experience, your staff, your customers, and you will drown.

Heavy Tech Use Alienates Customers 

Imagine you have a problem. You ordered something online, and it hasn’t arrived. You haven’t received any updates. So, you write to the company, asking where your item is. But instead of your message reaching a human representative, it goes to an automated system that responds with outdated information and closes the ticket. You send another message with more information to clarify, and you’re given the same response from the same automated system.

With “digital transformation” as the growing buzzword in business, some business owners like to take the other extreme and automate everything. But poorly implemented automation is worse than no automation at all. This will have an alienating effect on your customers as it becomes increasingly difficult for them to reach out to a live human with concerns. 

The most sophisticated AI system won’t anticipate every customer complaint, especially when you’re trying to automate blindly. And at the end of the day, your customers want to know that there’s a human on the other end of the line taking their concerns into account.

Retention360 Benefits

Here’s how Retention360 handles the above issues to increase customer happiness and reduce customer churn.

Detailed Feedback For Issues

Go beyond the general survey and find out exactly why your customers are upset. Retention360 goes beyond the customer survey to gather more information from your customers. You tailor your feedback forms, with options for open text fields and photo and video additions. Customers will be able to give as much information as they need without being constrained by generic survey questions.

Direct Connection With Customers

The first step to creating an excellent customer experience is to make sure the customer feels seen and heard. Retention360 gives you multiple channels to reach out to customers, whether through the Retention360 program, email, phone call, or even a text. It’s a simple way to add a personalized touch to your customer retention strategy. Reach customers where they feel most comfortable communicating, and they will feel cared for.

Use Of Tech And Human Element

The best use of technology retains a bit of humanity. From remote work to telehealth to grocery delivery, more industries have embraced this truth in recent years. Maintaining customer happiness is a personalized pursuit by default, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Retention360 makes use of AI elements like sentiment analysis and machine learning to improve your responses to customer concerns.

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Tony Castiglione

Tony Castiglione